Rules and Regulations

  • There is no age limit for WIP, but the work must be the artist’s own.
  • Choreographer or creating artist must be present (if there are special
    circumstances, please let coordinators know before scheduling)
  • Artists may perform once during a W-I-P season and twice if there is a difficulty
    filling a month and as long as they are not consecutive performances.
  • Choreographers will be paid an honorarium for participation and will receive a
    video of their performance.
  • WIP does not grant comp tickets to friends or family of performers. WIP is a low
    cost event ($3-$5) and all funds go back into the program.
  • Preference will be given to San Antonio artists, though out of town artists are
    welcome to apply
  • You must fill out the Confirmation form to secure your spot.• You must prepare and submit at least 2 questions for the audience (step 2 of CRP) at least one day before your WIP.
  • Music must be on cd (no iPods, mp3 players, etc..)
  • All media must be on DVD

Photo Requirements:

  • Please send high resolution photos
  • No watermarks or embedded photo credits.
  • If you have photo credits, please list them in the email
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